Friday, 27 October 2017

Race day

Today in the morning room 12 and 11 didn't do writing we did something fun  . We went outside to have a race the girls was up first . Mr Moran took half of the girls to run first . Mr Moran got the clippers and bang it that means go. After then there race was finished there was first, second, third and fourth Tahliyah came first Nature came second and lydia came third and NJ came forth.Then it was time for me to run we line up and Mr Moran got the clippers and bang it again the my race was finished Maddi came first and Mia came second and samma came third and I came forth. Finally it was the boys turn to run that race was so close John came first and Joseph came second and MJ came third and Devante came fourth. Then we went back to class and started writing about it.

Friday, 20 October 2017


As I was walking to assembly in my classroom line the pavilion  we all went to sit down and wait for assembly to start. At last we started. Mr Burt play the guitar and Mr J was playing the trumpet and   Miss Nua was play the maracas Mr S, Mr Wiseman started of with a song call music maddins. Soon after that team 1 started what there were going to do and what they are going to look at. Finally  they started off playing cards of snap and some song it went so crazy and funny. Next up is was team 2 Miss Gaston started to sing a song that was called in the jungle it was beautiful then it went funny later they stop and finish and every one liked it. Next it was team 3 time to shine play they didn't play it on stage the play a movie to let all of the kids watch. At last it started mr Moran started off and then miss eidde and miss king with miss davis came in it was funny and really good that was good. After that it was team 4 time to play there movie it was not that good but it was all right but mr J was really cool his jams were cool it was all right but not the good. At last team 5 started that was my favorite because they were watch the lion king with song i was   creepy then it went crazy.At the end they finish and it was time to go back to class and talked about it and started to writing about it.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Omg Tech

Today I was so lucky to go omg tech Thank you for helping me and everyone we had fun. My favourite part was making sound on scratch with playdoh THANK YOU OMG TECH. We hope we come back one day and see you next time THANK YOU EVERY MUCH

Monday, 2 October 2017

Grand Finials

Yesterday at the Grand Finials at Sydney Australia ANZ Stadium we went it the gate we went to the mosh pit to go watch Macklemore. It took 2 hours and 40 minted to get to see Macklemore.I loved it and then the game stared.I love NRL go the storms.