Friday, 2 June 2017

Haunted house

I tried to get out of the haunted house but the doors are locked and the windows are small but under the dastet mat I found a key it was a trap and when I opened the door and I fall into a big black hole. But in front of me I see a ladder and I climbed up the ladder. And l climbed to the top and then someone screamed like AAAAAAAAA it was a ghost but he flew away when the ghost flyed away I saw a golden key. It was the key to unlock the windows and the doors. But the ghost have’s it. As I walk slowly the ghost is sitting  on the rocking chair. The key was behind the ghost. I walk slowly as I can and tried to make no sound. When I got up to the ghost he was sleeping and I took the key and when I walk down the stairs  and made no sound when I unlocked it the door opened. When it opened I ran back home.  


  1. Hi Central its Mia wow that is a lot of work you have done, keep up the hard work. From Mia

  2. Central you have made my hart blow to the sky
    nice work everyone is pored of you.

  3. Hi Central Its' me Zoe I really like your haunted house that you do Keep the hard work up Central. By Zoe