Thursday, 2 March 2017

Haunted House

I open my eyes in the midde of the nowhere.Saddenly i saw a spooky haunted house.I  was so scared because i saw 4 grave it was a boy gril man and a woman that past away because they did not have food to eat they past at 1923.So i got so scared that i run into the haunted house but it was so dark in they when i crept upstairs the stairs started to Collapsed! But i run to the top then when i got to the top i saw a phoen to save me from the spooky haunted house.Ones i pick up the phoen i called 111 to come and help
Me but they did not come to save me so i got so scared i run into the door and a ghots came to get me but it was a friendly ghost to me it help me to get home i was happy to be back home to see my family they were happy to see my to and i never wanted to go back to the haunted house and the haunted house Collapsed.So i it was so spooky for me but it was ok.

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